Real Estate in Downtown, Vancouver, BC

Real Estate in Downtown Vancouver, BC

Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, is the vibrant epicenter of the city, known for its modern high-rise condominiums, bustling business district, and rich cultural attractions.

With a stunning backdrop of the North Shore Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Downtown Vancouver offers an unparalleled living experience for those seeking the excitement and convenience of urban living. The neighborhood’s numerous amenities, excellent public transit, and walkability make it an attractive location for young professionals, families, and investors alike.


Condominiums are a popular choice for homebuyers in Downtown Vancouver due to the neighbourhood’s central location, stunning views, and access to amenities. Prices for condos in the downtown area can range from CAD 450,000 for a modest one-bedroom unit to over CAD 2 million for a luxury penthouse in a prime location.


Townhouses in Downtown Vancouver are less common compared to condos, but they do offer a more spacious alternative with multiple levels and a small outdoor space. Prices for townhouses in Downtown Vancouver generally range from CAD 900,000 for a two-bedroom unit to over CAD 2 million for a larger, more luxurious property.

Detached Homes

Detached homes are a rarity in Downtown Vancouver, as the neighbourhood is predominantly characterized by high-rise condominiums and mixed-use developments. However, a few heritage homes and luxury properties can be found in the area, with prices typically starting at CAD 2 million and reaching upwards of CAD 5 million for exceptional properties.

History of Real Estate in Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver’s real estate history dates back to the late 19th century when the neighborhood was first established as the city’s commercial and residential center. Early housing options included modest wooden houses and low-rise brick buildings. Over time, Downtown Vancouver experienced several waves of development, including a boom in the 1910s and 1920s as the city expanded.

The concept of “Vancouverism” emerged in the 1980s, prioritizing high-density housing, mixed-use developments, and public transit, transforming the neighborhood’s skyline with modern high-rises and condominiums.

Fun Facts

  • Downtown Vancouver is home to several iconic condo developments, such as the Woodward’s Building and the Living Shangri-La, which is the city’s tallest residential building.
  • The city is known for its distinctive glass towers, which were designed to maximize natural light and views of the surrounding scenery.
  • Vancouver’s iconic Marine Building, completed in 1930, was once the tallest building in the British Empire and is located in the downtown area.
  • The Grace Tower, another notable condo development in Downtown Vancouver, is known for its unique architectural design featuring decorative “wings” on the building’s exterior.

Current Housing Market

The housing market in Downtown Vancouver remains competitive, with high demand, limited supply, and rising prices. As of 2021, the benchmark price for a single-family home in Vancouver was CAD 1.7 million, while the benchmark price for an apartment was CAD 682,500.

The local government has implemented measures to increase housing supply, regulate short-term rentals, and improve affordability for residents. Despite these efforts, the Downtown Vancouver housing market continues to present challenges for many, particularly first-time buyers and renters.

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